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Prices & Services

Wrapped in Red


(As of 1st of July 2023)


30 minutes         $190

45 minutes         $220

1 hour                 $250

1,5 hours            $440

2 hours               $500

Monday - Saturday -10am -10pm


For more information call 

 02 9437 5858

340 Nicholson Pl, Crowsnest, NSW

(10 min walk from St Leonards station)

Entering the premise- please walk through the garage and in to the wooden gated area, please ring the intercom and the receptionist will buzz you up into our reception (you will hear a clicking noise to push the door)..

Discretion on our premise is assured at all times.

All rooms are equipped with showers and spas  - Showering before and after the massage is advised, utilising our White Linen Service, at no additional cost.

Fresh Water Spa's are available with bookings for 1 Hour or More.

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