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Beautiful Australian with blonde wavy hair, in her early 20's with tanned skin  toned size 8 figure. Beautiful blue eyes. Incredibly cute and sweet ..


Stunning Australian Brunette, tall slender and with model striking features. Slender toned frame, and natural D bust, with Captivating green eyes. Incredibly friendly and fun.


Red Headed Australian, size 10 with a Natural D Bust, light blue eyes and beautiful features. Ruby has long sexy legs and a Professional Burlesque Background, Experience in Swedish Massage. Ask for More ..

Amazing Portuguese Beauty with long satin Dark Blonde Hair and golden tanned skin, perfectly round booty  with a natural size D bust, and toned  size 8 hour-glass figure.

 Daniella loves to give a tantalising erotic massage and enjoys the tantric play of sensual massage. 


Stunnin Eurasian in her mid 20's with a perfect hour-glass figure, natural C Bust, and Long silky dark hair. Alyssia is a stunning size 8 with perfectly elegant feminine features and a shapely booty.
Sensual masseuse with a friendly energy that leaves every client coming back.


Australian Spanish Blonde in her mid 20's with a size 8 Hour Glass Figure, and engaging hazel eyes, and a sexy round toned booty.

Havana is wild, free, and fun, and has amazing massage skills a must to meet !


French Meditteranean Brunette, with a sultry toned figure, perfectly round booty and long chocolate hair. 

In her mid 20's, with hazel eyes and golden tanned skin.

Very friendly, sensual and 

seductive masseuse with a killer smile.


A Beautiful English Rose, with long silky Blonde hair,  glowing tanned skin, with Light Blue dazzling eyes.

Natural DD size B must, slender waist, round shapely booty, and a toned size 10.

Very bubbly, warm and friendly.


Popular Indian Beauty in her mid 20's, with long dark wavy hair, and tanned golden skin.

Beautiful feminine features, natural DD bust, tiny waist, toned size 8, and curvy hips.

Sensual, Intelligent, and incredibly alluring.


Australian Blonde in her mid 20's with a size 8 toned figure, tanned skin, blue eyed Beach Babe.

With Long Blonde Locks, ultra friendly, and sensual masseuse, thats incredibly fun and interesting.

Sensual, friendly and an unforgettable experience.


Japanese Beauty, with a stunningly toned figure, natural D Bust, and golden tanned skin.

Hazel eyes, and a sensual touch, incredibly fun, bubbly and passionate.


Gorgeous Petite Australian with a size 6 frame, B Cup, In her early 20's, with dark wavy hair, olive skin and athletic figure. Beautiful Green eyes, and very seductive sensual.


Gorgeous Petite Australian with a size 6 frame, B Cup, In her early 20's, with chocolate wavy hair, fair skin and hour glass figure. Beautiful Green eyes, and very seductive sensual.
Incredibly popular.

Beautiful Sultry Eaurasian in h mid 20's. with tanned skin, and long dark silky hair.
Engaging Almond eyes with a toned petite size 6 figure, incredibly elegant and ultra sexy friendly.


Gorgeous Australian Blonde,with a Danish background..  with big green eyes, natural size D bust and tanned skin. 
Lilly specialises in tantric play, feminine energy and loves to please women and couples in an easy playful relaxing way.



Incredible Columbian with a beautiful warm smile in her mid 20's. Natural C Bust, all Natural with a kind  yet erotic sense of massage skill. Dianna has perfect fair skin and long chocolate wavy hair, 


Australian Californian with a size DD Bust in her late 20's with a size 10 Hour Glass Figure, and a sexy round toned booty.

Sasha is bubbly, kind and sensual,

 incredibly feminine, with the likeness of a bikini model. 


Cute Bubbly Korean Beauty, in her early 20's, with long dark wavy hair and perfect porcelain skin. Molly is a Size DD Bust, with a slender waist and long beautiful legs. Molly is sensual, sweet and a lot of fun.


 Beautiful Eastern European Brunette, natural DD Bust, with Light Green eyes and tanned skin. 

Petite toned figure, 

a friendly masseuse, that's ultra sensual and passionate at massage and loves to leave every client feeling happy and wanting more.


Popular Indian Goddess, With long dark hair, toned tall lean figure, and sultry alluring looks.

In her early 30's, a professionally trained masseuse, that is eager to please and give a very refined seductive



Cute Australian with a Brazilian Background, in her early 20's, with shoulder length chocolate Brown wavy hair, a golden complexion, and a bright warming smile.

Slender, toned size 8, athletic figure, and a likeness to the character Pocahontas, Lucia is very exotic.

Sensual, friendly, intelligent, and a lot of fun.

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